The Strengths Partners is an organisation dedicated to strength-based development of individuals, teams and organisations in order to provide the best opportunity to achieve excellence and success.



Programs for individuals

We have a number of programs to support individuals understanding their profile reports and develop their personal brand.

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Programs for organisations

Programs for organisations

Programs that focus on building a strength based workplace culture to create high performing teams.

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Coaching Services

Our programs helps team members to discover, develop, and use their unique talents for increased engagement and productivity.

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Our facilitation is a collaborative process based on an approach that embraces the differences in people, explores the potential that diversity offers.

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  • Help individuals understand their talents and how to develop them into strengths to achieve outstanding results and reach their goals.
  • Provide managers with techniques for using strengths-based development to address specific team-related issues and challenges.
  • Teach teams to discover, develop, and use their unique talents for greater team engagement and productivity.
  • Integrate a strengths based component into your own training programmes to ensure your investment in training produces real change in behaviours and achieves its objective.
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When I first got my Strength Finders results I was sceptical about the test; I struggled to relate to my talents However.  The Strengths Partners coaching sessions really helped guide me into understanding how to interpret my strengths. This insight opened my mind to how I approach things and the best way I could maximise my potential by leveraging off my natural strengths. I also found understanding my strengths and those around me help improve my social interactions. The Strengths Partners helped me plan out a clearer career path and has encouraged me to embrace my strengths. If felt like I was wading through mud before, now it's like swimming through clear water. All of this can be attributed to The Strengths Partners immense talent and knowledge.  They genuinely care about helping people, empowering them and also make it fun.
Janie LyLivePerson
Charlotte is a passionate strengths-based coach that has found her calling in helping individuals, teams and organisations in the pursuit of attaining excellence and success using a strength-based development approach. Charlotte has assisted my strengths based journey by providing guidance and direction on how best to leverage my Gallup top five strengths which has resulted in providing greater clarity, purpose and enjoyment in my own pursuit of achieving excellence and success. For any individual, team or organisation considering a strengths-based development approach I recommend meeting Charlotte to explore how she may be able to help
Bill Gray
The Strengths Partners introduced me to and provided guidance on how to lead a strength based life. They were able to explain to me my top five Gallup strength themes and assist me with how to best understand and utilize them in order to be more successful at work and life.Their enthusiasm for helping people and lifting them up by making them realize their strengths is displayed in each session they run. I could not recommend the Strengths Partners highly enough; they have helped me beyond my expectations and amazing at making people feel special and helping them reach their potential beyond their comfort zones.
AlicjaIBM Intern

The Strengths Partners provides services that enables individuals, teams and organisations to identify their strengths, develop and purposefully use their unique talents to achieve performance objectives.


Gallops Certified

To realize the full benefits of strengths, it is critical that you focus on developing them completely. Partnering with a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach can be the difference between simply knowing your strengths and truly living a strengths-based life.